Year Zero is proud to publish well-researched work by veteran film writers, veteran politics/history/economics/literature writers with an interest in film, filmmakers, artists, and talented newcomers who know how to take a round of edits. All submissions (except interviews) must:

  • Be pitched (150+ words) first
  • Be 1800-3000 words
  • Include research and several references to visual or written text (don’t wing it)
  • Include discussion of both moving images and politics

For a good example of what we’re looking for, please consult our back issues or any writing that has inspired us (see examples 1, 2, and 3). Avoid any construction of “[Hot Topic / News Item X] was predicted by [Movie Y]”, as that kind of article can be found anywhere.



Each issue of Year Zero is split into three sections which gives you, the contributor, several lenses to choose from:

Progress: Our new film review section, where “new” refers to any film released up to six months before the issue’s publication date. Be sure to choose a film teeming with political content, as any Marxist interpretation of the latest Hollywood buddy comedy usually doesn’t go over well.

[THEME]: Each issue has a corresponding theme. Writers are encouraged to write about old (a release date of at least 365 days before the issue is released) media using this theme as a general guide. Please refer to the most recent submission call.

Coda: Each issue includes a 1000-1500 word piece addressing the film world outside of the scope of our journal. This usually includes brief (but focused) analyses on film/arts journalism, the film /culture industry, or your experience with a recent film/installation. This is the least “rule-bound” section of the issue, so feel free to make of it what you wish. Think of it as ending on a high note.



If you are an artist interested in designing a cover for the next issue, please contact zwlewiswrites @ gmail dot com directly.